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Tags & ... stuff

Tags have been updated yet again. Please make sure to add tags to posts that lack them, including character name and format of the tag. Action, text, voice - more than one tag can be used if more than one format is present in the entry.

Tags can only be created by moderators, to prevent multiple variations and slip ups that cause several tags being created for one character. However they can be added by everyone with access to the community.

If there's an error in your tag, something wrong with the fandom or character name, please notify a mod asap so that we can get that fixed. If the error is because your character name was submitted incorrectly to the application page we reserve the right to let you take the blame, as we're not personally familiar with every canon in game.

Also, if you guys would comment this post, it would be amazing. You don't have to, by any stretch of the imagination but I will be filling in blanks where I see them so if you'd like to control what kind of information goes up there it is best to fill it out yourself. ♥

How many of you hate me right now? *goes to bed*


Just a quick note

On some IC development:

Aaron left in March with the closing of Purg, and left the Devil's Nest to Ed.
Ed, having enough to do gave it to Kyo because Ed would have sort of known Kyo as a worker there since that's what Kyo did.

If anyone feels their character would be better suited to the job or more trusted by Ed - who never left Purg (someone had to run it in the past year) - feel free to poke me about your interest in running it. We just tried to approach it in the most logical way, so this seemed to make the most sense.

Also if someone else would rather take it over, feel free to have your character approach Kyo about that end of it too.

Game play

Game's started, for anyone interested. In character posts are Members Only to give the game the private musebox feel a number of players wanted, if there are issues with that let me know.

Additionally, the form for players bringing in new characters is up here. This is still currently for existing Purg members (anyone that had a character in Purg, already) for canon characters only.

No OCs, no new members.

Forms may be submitted anytime starting immediately, but characters will not be accepted into the game until January 28th. If at that point people are still interested in inviting new members, the game will open up to them as well.

Original characters are still up to mod discussion, but if there's interest we'll have an answer for that as soon as possible too.

Heads up

Doing a little out of season spring cleaning. Please make sure to re-join the OOC community when you come into the game, if you want to be able to post to it from a certain journal. (Including personal journals if that's where you want to make your announcements from.)



Let me start this by saying that a lot of time and effort has gone into putting this together. I'd like to extend thanks to everyone that has helped so far (whether in the original game, or setting this one up) and now to get to the part you all want to read.

The new home of Purgatorium is finally ready to be presented to the public. We're looking at an opening date between January 2nd and 7th, to be determined once I get home (December 31st), however we wanted to give everyone plenty of time to look around, get situated in the new environment and request membership so that we're all just ready to go once the time has come. If anyone knows someone that's not on my f-list, that could use this information - please refer them to this page, or the community itself. Otherwise, the only members that know about it are going to be people that are friends with me, and I know that's not all of Purg's player base.

First of all, circumstances willing we do intend to open the game with not only a plot to start things up, but some rewards for members that stuck with the community through the end. More details about this will be available sometime during the next week, but for things I can tell you about let me start by providing a number of links for everyone to look around.

For everyone who want to just check the game out and find what they're looking for on their own, the community can be found at apurgatorium_dr. The mod journal still remains purgatorium_mod and the OOC community remains at purgatorium_ooc. Feel free to go look it over, and link this post to anyone you know who might also be interested. We're currently planning to open to known Purg characters only, any new characters or members will be added after the game has already opened - once we figure out how we want to handle them.

Keep in mind that changes have been made, so it is important to at least skim through everything to ensure you're familiar with the way things will work when the game opens.

For everyone who would like a more thorough breakdown of the game, please follow the cut.Collapse )


I'm dropping Fay. I've had a lot of fun playing him here while I did- and I honestly mean that, seriously, it's been one of the best roleplaying experiences I've ever had- but his muse has been dying and RL is starting to get heavy for me so I'm trying to cut back on my characters across the board. It seems silly to character squat with Fay just for the sake of having him when I don't have time to play him seriously and my energy to do so has been dying.

He's my last character in Purg so dropping him removes me from the game completely. Everyone who might care to know how to get in touch with me already knows (if they don't just... drop me a line at oozaru_angel ) and maybe one day a new muse (or an old one) will strike me in the head and I'll have the time to come back. Until then, this is goodbye.

As far as IC stuff goes... Most of his CR that he actually took seriously has already left, but Doumeki, he left you a note asking you to take care of Mirielle and the animals and saying that "I'll see you soon. Until then, take care and be careful." The note is covered in glitter.

friend remove norealsmiles
Russia muse is dead...so he's going home. :(


Hiatus and drop

Okay! Two things:

First of all, I'm going on a school trip for CNY break. There should be internet, but I'm not certain and I'm going to be busy anyway. So I'm putting myself on hiatus for a week. Because I've been oh so active amirite? This affects Fay, I'll do stuff with him when I get back. ;; I'll also comment in the hiatus post in a minute.

And um. About that other guy. Nataku. I'm dropping him. I had a load of fun playing him when I did, even when he was being quiet and just not a very active character. But the muse is so horribly painfully dead and never coming back, so I'm dropping him. He loved you, Purg.

Friend remove lacking_heart

As explained in the previous post, boxes will start appearing within the Temple immediately. Each box is designed to be reminiscent of one person in Purgatorium. In these boxes, your kids can put valentines-- both anonymous and otherwise. There is also one more box, and on it is written 'to those who are gone'. In there, letters/valentines to people who have come before/are at home can go. Anything put into this box will vanish immediately, who knows if they'll get there?

Letters can be sent to canonmates who were never in Purg, but don't expect to receive anything from people who have never been here.

Also, this is a semi-fourth-wall event.

Characters who were once in Purg can leave notes in peoples' boxes. So a character might get a letter from home, etc.

This will continue until the day after Valentines', and this is the post to do it with. An example was linked in the previous post to show everyone how to do it. Please direct any questions to this post.

I woke up for no reason, so - mod post.

Starting today, any character that enters the temple will notice a pile of colorful boxes. No matter what the character does they can not get close enough to these boxes to see them clearly, but for all intents and purposes it looks like a pile of Christmas presents.

If asked, anyone at the Temple will be evasive about their intended purpose - Orion stating that he doesn't know why they're there and Alma being her cryptic unclear self. The boxes will remain piled up until February 13th at 11:59 pm, at which point they will instead be found outside the temple, set up almost like a garden - until disappearing at 12:00 am February 15th. Any letters characters remove from the box will remain in their possession, but anything that is left behind will also disappear.

Each box will represent a character currently in Purg, Player Characters, NPCs, everyone - and will be colored accordingly. Players may choose how their characters' boxes are decorated. Your characters do not get to choose the box's decorations, so if you'd like to make it something they wouldn't be happy with, that's perfectly fine. Boxes only need to represent the character they are there for, and your character will need to be able to recognize their own box (i.e. a plain orange box could be Allelujah or Kyo, from a distance) so names will be on them somewhere.

We did this last year, but I added some variation just for the sake of making it a remotely different event. Your characters can recognize the boxes for what they are, if they would remember the event but for anyone who was not here, or does not remember/recognize what this is - last year's post can be found here for a refresher. Samples of how this works can be read from there, as well. How much or little detail you put into the description of your boxes is entirely up to you - and no, they do not need to be the same as they were last year.

All the same rules apply, if you want to go poke friends who used to be in Purg about writing your characters valentine cards, please do. Anonymous or signed letters are also welcome. Letters can be posted OOCly, from when I put the post up until midnight of the 16th - Monday night/Tuesday morning but characters will be unable to open/read anything until midnight of the 14th, Sat/Sun.

Additionally, your Valentine's Day letter mentioned in a previous post may be found here or at your choosing. It's not mandatory they be found in one of these boxes, but that option is open if you'd like it to be.

The letters to those who are gone box will be plain white with a silver ring around it.

Please note: This is not the post to begin posting valentines, please do not use it for anything IC. I figured it would be easier to make a mod announcement with Notifications on, so if anyone had any questions they could leave a comment without it getting lost in all the IC posts.

A second post is coming for the intent of IC submissions, keep in mind that this post will have no notifications turned on, so do not comment to it OOCly. If you need anything, please remember to comment here.

As always - questions/comments/tomatoes/etc.