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It has come and gone but the event is going to be quite soon!

How's it working this time?
First off, it is going to be Thylas' fault, partially, again (restoring balance, proving things, etc...screws up Purgatory every time~). And I will have him be the kicker for the event. Once he posts, then anyone who posts after that until the END OF THE EVENT is subject to fourth wall abuse. [I know a few people F-lock entries. So if you F-lock, obviously you won't get fourth-wall tagged :)] I'd recommend using the mod friends page as an effective way to follow things (Especially if you're not a member).

Fourth Wall is going to be the result of a Rift opening up on the Lower level and screwing up the balance entirely. People are coming and going (as are things: balloons, glitter, things that need electricity anything. literally. there were random colorful animals runnig around last year). It is all going to be GONE by the end of the event, and Purgatory will be returned to the state it was prior to the event. However, keep in mind that the rules of death still apply to residents of Purgatory. But who's going to go kill a character during this anyway.

What is the Fourth Wall Event?

The Fourth Wall is a term to describe the invisible wall between the audience and the actors on-stage. This is because in proscenium theaters, the set was usually three walls of a room. The audience was therefore "The Fourth Wall," and ignored by the actors. When an actor addresses the audience directly, it is called "Breaking the Fourth Wall."

We're breaking it. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can comment on a post that you make [and, I mean even muns can comment, too! - let's not abuse this much]. Of course, because this is an RP, we do have basic rules and guidelines.

Rules & Guidelines
- The entire event is going to start at MIDNIGHT [EST] of the day it is to start. I'm going to make a Thylas post. Anyone posting AFTER this post is willingly submitting themselves to the event. In other words: If you do not wish to participate, do not post during the event. Please post prior to the event if you're worried about an activity check.

- Anyone can comment. And by anyone I mean: any muns, original characters, AU versions, same muses from other RPs, any terrifying crack, strangeness, etc that you can toss at us, you're welcome to (uh, literally. throw anything at it.) This means you are more than welcome to ADVERTISE for this event to anyone you may know. And please do. While I have over 180 journals, more people = more entertainment.

- Flaming. Bashing. ETC by muns, inside and outside of this RP will not be tolerated at all.

- This is not an excuse to have your character behave OOC.

- Do not, and I mean DO NOT by ANY means comment on posts before the THYLAS post for fourth wall purposes. [Please continue with threads if you are working on them prior to the event! Also, feel free to Harass Thylas, too xD].

- When I said there would be balloons and glitter. I meant it. There will be. [Upper Level, Power Restrictions, etc are not going to be placed. In other words, go wild. However, the rules of death and murder are still applied to those who are within apurgatorium. So just don't do it. This is meant to be a fun event. So have fun! There may even be some more wish granting to be done!]

- The Fourth Wall is like a massive dream. When it ends, anything obtained while they were in the Fourth Wall event will not exist [except pre-approved things that have been discussed by all moderators]. Your character will have perfect memory of the event, however, the physical state of purgatory is the same as prior to the start of the event. There are no balloons, there is no destruction, and the rules of the upper level and powers seem to be there.

Post if you have any questions.

Coming later, more information about Thylas' thing he's doing.

Also, posted on this journal for this icon. IT MEANS I MEAN BUSINESS.
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